Supernova SN2014J in the nearby galaxy Messier 82

The following photographs were taken recently by members of the society of the newly discovered Type 1A supernova in the nearby galaxy Messier 82. Each person used their own equipment at their own location.

The galaxy is relatively bright and not too hard to find, lying very close to the even brighter galaxy Messier 81.

Feb 4th. The supernova has brightend and is now at magnitude 10.5 where even a 4-inch will show it, given reasonably dark skies. It has been seen in a 6-inch and 8-inch and not too difficult. Look for a star superimposed over the galaxy just below the centre.

On Monday 10th February it was seen in a 5-inch telescope, with some light pollution and a more than quarter full moon, with little difficulty.

Feb 26th. It has faded significantly. It was seen in a 5-inch on a moonless night, but only just. The estimated magnitude on the 23rd Feb is 11.6.

Our observatory at Kenley was last opened on Saturday 1st March and everyone there was able to see this supernova.

More information here.