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Croydon Astronomical Society
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Solar SUNday 18th June, from 2 pm, observing the Sun using a variety of solar telescopes.

At our observatory at Kenley. Open to the public.

In the same format as in previous years, from 2 pm to late in the day (into the night if it's still clear) using equipment from several members. We have the usual white light for sunspots but also Hydrogen alpha for prominences, filaments and flares, and even in Calcium light for more energetic features. In addition to visual observing some members will also be imaging, with results to be seen there and there.

Please note: this ‘open to the public’ event is organised by the society and several safety rules and guidelines apply.

Looking at the Sun can be dangerous; attendance at the event is conditional by all attendees following the rules and guidelines on the day. Never touch or view through any telescope without the owner being right with you.

Any non-member bringing equipment must have its use authorised by a committee member. Do not use any equipment without it being specifically modified for safe use on the Sun.

This event as always is dependent on the weather so please look out for late notifications (particularly on the morning) on this website, Facebook and our forum. Latest: it went ahead.

Though we are aiming for the 18th, if the weather is poor then it'll be postponed to the following week, Sunday 25th, as both of these dates are on either side of the summer solstice, when we traditionally hold this event, so if the 25th is also good weather we can hold the event again as well as the 18th. Latest: 25th June cancelled due to bad weather.

As usual, given it'll be in daylight and the duration of the event, you may wish to bring some food and drink. We have hot water so everything else will need to be provided by yourselves.

Towards evening the large and bright planet Jupiter will be seen in telescopes, from about 8 pm against a blue sky, with the ringed planet Saturn visible from about 10 pm.

Waterhouse Lane, off Hayes Lane (west of Kenley Aerodrome) CR8 5EP.

Please note: there is no parking at the observatory itself (motorcycles are allowed).


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The Sun in ordinary white light is displayed daily here (amongst other things):


The Sun in the narrow waveband/bandwidth of hydrogen alpha light:



Solar SUNday 2017

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Ordinary white light                               Hydrogen Alpha light                                  Calcium K light

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