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Croydon Astronomical Society
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Membership - Joining the Croydon Astronomical Society

How to join the Society

Newcomers and guests tend to visit a few meetings to determine if membership is for them. However, membership is open to all at any time and is encouraged.

All you need to do to join the society is to come along to one of our meetings at the Royal Russell School or to our observatory at Kenley and fill in a membership form. Our constitution requires that members re-affirm their membership every year so you will need to fill in a renewal form each year as well. Our membership year starts in October. You need to have filled in a form to attend the AGM or if you wish to stand for one of the committee posts.

How much does it cost to join?

There are no mandatory fees to join the society and no obligatory fees to attend the meetings. To finance the activities of the society we ask members for donations and we also hold a raffle at the Royal Russell School meetings. No member is paid personally for any work, we are all volunteers.

At the start of the society’s year in September the CAS constitution requires you to reaffirm your membership by the end of October. You should have received details from the membership secretary either by email or post. There is a link below for the membership form. Details of why you are required to reaffirm your membership are in the FAQs.

We use the same form for new members to join our society and existing members to reaffirm.

Reaffirmation / New Membership form 2016-17 (PDF format)

Gift Aid form (PDF format)

Please complete the Gift Aid form if you pay tax and make a donation, as it allows us to claim the tax back from the government. In this case donations have to be made accompanied by a membership form, as we require the form as administrative evidence.


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Where can I find additional information?

The following pages on our website have additional information that you may find useful:


Croydon Astronomical Society Constitution (PDF format)

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

The Latest News page.

If you have any additional questions please either email our membership secretary (the address can be found on our Contact page). If you wish to contact us by telephone please leave a message on our answer telephone service on 020 8668 9642 and we will contact you.

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