The Croydon Astronomical Society is a registered charity number 251560

Croydon Astronomical Society

Membership of the Croydon Astronomical Society


The Croydon Astronomical Society is a registered charity based in the London Borough of Croydon.  All are welcome to  join; we don’t charge a membership fee.  

What we do

We hold public talks on astronomy and related subjects every two weeks during school term time.  To ensure that we cater for all levels of interest and knowledge there are typically two talks at each meeting. We have a short talk which is presented by a member of the society and a longer and more detailed talk which is usually presented by a visiting expert speaker from a university or another astronomical society. There is a short break between the two talks to allow members and visitors to socialise over a cup of tea or coffee.

We also maintain an observatory which is located on the historic airfield at Kenley.

Members can participate in the society’s forum ‘croydonastro’ (which is hosted on Google Groups) which allows members to chat to each other on items of astronomical or society interest, and to share images taken.


Our members range in experience from complete beginners to the highly experienced.    

Newcomers and guests tend to visit for a few meetings to determine if membership is for them. However, membership is open to all and is encouraged.

All you need to do to join the society is to come along to any of our meetings at the Royal Russell School or to our observatory at Kenley and fill in an application form; alternatively you can download an membership form and give it to a committee member or post it to the address on the form.  

If you have any questions about joining please do not hesitate to get in contact with us using the general enquiry webform at Contact us.

Please don’t forget to let us know if your contact details have changed.

Membership / Financial Year

Our constitution requires that members reaffirm their membership every year and so a new application form will need to be completed once a year.  We use the same form for new members to join our society and for existing members to reaffirm.  Our membership year runs from 1st September to 31st August

 Renewing Members: - Our preference is that membership renewals are completed by October.   If a member has not renewed by two weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) then, for administrative reasons membership is deemed to have lapsed for the purposes of voting at the AGM in that membership year

 New Members: - For administrative reasons we do not allow new members to join within the two week period prior to an Annual General Meeting or to an Extraordinary General Meeting.

Our financial year runs from 1st April to 31st March and our AGM is typically in May

How much does it cost to join?

We believe that the society should be inclusive, and, because we don’t want potential members to be discouraged from becoming a member by fixed membership fees or towards the end of a membership year, we operate using a donation funded model.  

The society therefore does not charge a membership fee and there are no fees to attend our meetings or Saturday night openings of our observatory.   

The society is financed by donations from both members and visitors.   Many members choose to make a donation at the time that they join or renew their membership.   We also have a cash donation box at our public talks (the Little Grey Box”, the oldest member of our society) and two boxes at the observatory.

Additionally the society runs a raffle at most of its public meetings with the prizes being astronomy books or magazines.

Gift Aid

Making a Gift Aid Declaration will allow the society to claim the basic rate of income tax from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) on any donations received.   This allows the society to claim an extra 25p for every £1 that you donate.  

Important note: If the total amount claimed under Gift Aid from HMRC from all (not just to the CAS) donations exceeds the total amount of Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax that you have paid in any tax year, then it is your responsibility to remit the difference to HMRC.

Governance and Committee

The society is governed by its constitution.  This is a document that has been reviewed by the Charity Commission and sets out the overall governance framework of the society.

In particular the Constitution sets out the objects of the society which are: To advance education in the science of astronomy and related subjects for the public benefit in Croydon and the surrounding area by

 encouraging a popular interest in astronomy and allied subjects; 

 helping beginners, irrespective of their age, to acquire a knowledge of astronomy and allied subjects; and 

 providing facilities for practical work and active participation in astronomical observation.

The day to day operation of the society is run by its Committee.   The Committee consists of up to ten charity trustees.  The key offices of the Committee are the Chair, Treasurer and Secretary and other offices are Vice-Chair, Programme Secretary, Outreach Co-ordinator and Membership Secretary

The Committee has set out some more detailed rules, policies and etiquette as follows:

 Rules for visiting the Observatory

 Rules for visiting RRS

Policy on Child Protection and Protection of Vulnerable Adults

Use of Sky Laser Pointers Policy

Forum Etiquette

Only members can vote at the society’s general meetings or serve on the society’s Committee.

Volunteering for the Society

The society does not have any paid employees – we are all volunteers. We really appreciate help from members in relation to volunteering to serve on the committee, welcoming visitors to the observatory, maintaining the observatory and presenting short talks at our public meetings.


Privacy Policy

Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy

Gift aid form

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Forum Etiquette

Application form

RRS rules

Observatory TV instructions

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