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Croydon Astronomical Society
est. 1956

Welcome to the forum of the Croydon Astronomical Society - croydonastro

Enter the Forum ‘croydonastro’, provided by Google Groups.

To join the forum and contribute to discussions or simply read please send a request to the Membership Secretary.

Please read the forum etiquette, rules and guidelines below before posting for the first time.

Click on the link above to view the forum.

You can unsubscribe at any time by contacting the Membership Secretary by any means and state your request.

Altair is the newsletter of the society. The next edition is now being prepared and articles are now being requested. If you wish to submit an article please write to the Editor.


Etiquette, rules and guidelines

  1. Use a meaningful and pertinent title for your thread.
  2. Use plain text over HTML if you want your post to be readable by everyone.
  3. Try to use correct spelling, grammar, punctuation and avoid slang. Avoid capitals, unless used to add appropriate emphasis, as capitals is easily interpreted as anger or upset. Never use bad or offensive words or language.
  4. Be aware of appearing too informal as you will not be known to everyone. Humour in particular may be misinterpreted.
  5. Do not use the forum to contact or address an individual directly; use their email instead.
  6. If someone contacts you directly regarding your post, reply in a likewise manner, do not respond on the forum.
  7. Constrain to the subject of astronomy or this society. Do not post any items of an otherwise general nature even if well intentioned.
  8. Issues of an administrative nature, concerns or complaints should be addressed to the committee only (see the Contact Us page). Do not use this forum to announce any dissatisfaction.
  9. Be civil. Personal differences should be handled through email and not through posts displayed to everyone.
  10. Do not post personal, critical or content embarrassing to others, members or otherwise.
  11. Please, no messages that harass, insult, belittle or threaten other members or individuals, no matter how disguised.
  12. Do not promote yourself as an individual, where you are the main subject. Comments on purely personal opinions are irrelevant and inappropriate.
  13. Do not use the forum as a 'chat room'. Carefully consider whether the topic is of general interest, appealing to most, or of a minority only interest, as it may be interpreted as self-promotion. If the latter consider emailing the person(s) directly.
  14. Do not reveal or forward posts to anyone. Qualifying people will already be subscribers or must join.
  15. Do not reply to inflammatory comments; instead please report to the committee.
  16. Do not use the forum to directly advertise goods or services; please make enquiries to the committee first for assistance and effectiveness. Notification on selling personally owned equipment is certainly permitted.
  17. Do not post material (i.e. photographs) for which you do not own the copyright without the permission of the owner. It is better to link to their website.


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