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Croydon Astronomical Society
est. 1956

Norman Fisher Observatory at Kenley

Informal meetings and group visits are held at our Norman Fisher Observatory. It is also open to the public (see below) on Saturday evenings from autumn to early summer. Opening times vary by season and arrangement.

Group Visits

Public Visits

Our observatory telephone is: 020 8668 9642. This will also allow you to record a message on the answering service if we are not there. Alternatively use the webmaster link to send an email.

The location of our observatory can be seen on the observatory location page.

Please read the observatory site etiquette guide, on parking, dress, equipment and other matters; thank you.


Below are several photographs from past times of the observatory and members observing. The telescope shown is the 18-inch Fred Best Telescope, since replaced with a permanently mounted Meade LX-200 GPS Schmidt Cassegrain (14-inch, 350 mm aperture).

Click on any image to display a slide show of larger images (the display has a few viewing controls with a Close button). There are more, and recent, photographs in the gallery.

Observatory openings

Below lists current and standing information; please see the Events page for forthcoming and past openings.

Observatory - current status for tonight: CLOSED

Our observatory at Kenley may be open this Saturday 25th January, subject to favourable weather - decision will be made no later than early afternoon on the day. Visible are the two outermost planets as well as many deep sky objects. Look for bright Venus in the south west from early evening. Last Saturday opening: 18th January when over 40 people visited.

All Saturdays are open to the public (when open) unless otherwise stated (no need to book, just turn up). Details here.

An important note on the weather. Please see here before setting off.

The Observing page shows what is visible this night/week/month.

Details of the last regular openings are here, along with forthcoming Events.

The Messier Marathon observing event postponed from April will be held on another night, but many deepsky objects are always visible on any night. As an example 37 of the 110 were casually seen on Friday 11th August 2018.

Notification of all openings are given by 2 pm here, our forum, Facebook and a message on this telephone: 020 8668 9642. Whilst sometimes more notice can be given this is not assured due to operational circumstances.

Facilities at the observatory are hot water for drinks and wireless broadband Internet. A reminder that there is no parking at the observatory itself; visitors are asked to park at the off-road parking area just 4 minutes walk away at the RAF Kenley Tribute, or nearby where it is safe and legal to do so. Unfortunately we have no toilet facilities on the site.

Parking: Whilst there is none at the observatory itself there is some free off-road parking at the Kenley Aerodrome Memorial a few hundred metres to the south and just 4 minutes walk away. For all other off-road parking please check for local restrictions before departing. Unfortunately our society is no authority on parking and all responsibility is with the visitor. For disabled access please inform us in good time for arrangements. Postcode for the observatory is: CR8 5EP

Restrictions: Unfortunately we have no toilet facilities on the site.

There are restrictions at the observatory on where we can be as this is surrounded by private land. Whilst Waterhouse Lane is public the land upon which the lane/track lies and branching off towards the observatory is private ground, though there is a public footpath to the observatory. Visitors must not deviate from this path nor the square area of the observatory itself. The public footpath is part of the London Loop and travels northwards from the farm gate, passing our observatory. Just before the observatory the track splits, with one branch going to nearby stables to the left. On no account are any visitors to approach the stables.

Our society does not allow visitors the use of laser pointers for the purpose of indicating objects in the sky during public opening nights. These must not be brought to the observatory and any use will result in the visitor being asked to leave. Please note that we are legally obliged to report any improper use. Some of our members are authorised to use such pointers for everyone’s benefit, in a manner that is safe to do so.


Please telephone the observatory on 020 8668 9642, or check just below before departing in the unlikely case that we have to postpone opening at late notice on the day. The indicator below will show either OPEN, PENDING or CLOSED.

It takes precedence and overrides any notifications elsewhere on this website and those should be ignored.

1979  to  2019

Celebrating 40 consecutive years of observing at Kenley - members, public and group visits

Although our society dates from 1956, the above is the most recent location for our observatory.

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