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Croydon Astronomical Society
est. 1956

The society’s Annual General Meeting was held on Friday 24th May at 7:45 pm in the Junior Hall of the Royal Russell School, Coombe Lane, Croydon, Surrey CR9 5BX.

       Date:  7:45 pm, Friday 24th May 2019.

     Venue: Junior Hall of the Royal Russell School, Coombe Lane, Croydon, Surrey CR9 5BX.

Eligibility: Members only. Guests can join the rest of the meeting after the AGM proper, when there will be some astronomy.

However, at this new building there is no adjoining room available.


The information below should be read as events leading up to the AGM 2019 event.

Leading up to the AGM are various deadlines. Please note that as these are weekly and with the Easter break there may not be a RRS meeting for some dates. The schedule is below:

 • 12th April: Last date for nominations for the new committee and cut-off date for membership.

The society always needs members to volunteer to keep the society running. To become a committee member you only need to fill in a nomination form prefrably by the due date above and given to the Secretary (for practicality also any existing committee member). Forms can be posted, delivered or given by hand. Please read the form early to ensure the requirements are met in time, particularly ‘being a member’ and witness signatures.

 • 26th April: Last day for AGM notification to members

The society will announce to all members the AGM date and venue. This will be done primarily by email, but for those not on email then contact will be attempted by telephone, else by post. Other methods will be by this website and the CAS Facebook.

 • 3rd May:    Last date for issue of ballot papers

For application to become a committee member only. No action required by such member.

 • 10th May:  Last date for additional items for the agenda

A member may request that additional items be added to the agenda by giving written notice to the Secretary, supported by two other members, at least 14 days before the date of the meeting.

 •  17th May:  Last date for ballot (election) papers to be returned

An election for committee members shall take place if there are more candidates than vacant posts on the Committee.


The minutes of the last Annual General Meeting in 2017 will be as paper handouts at the meeting. The agenda - and other forms and documents - are available below, to view and as downloads:

Agenda of the proceedings of the AGM 2019 (pdf).

Minutes of the proceedings of the AGM 2018. These are available to members only (pdf).

Nomination form complete this form if you wish to stand on the 2019-20 committee (pdf).

Membership form to become a member of the society (pdf).

Constitution of the society (pdf).


AGM 2019

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